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iSparks Solutions specializes in Aerial Photography & Videography & Thermography using our UAV services+.

We are fully certified, licensed, trained and insured in Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV) Drone Operation Services. We have received a Standing Special Flight Operations Certificate (SFOC) from Transport Canada which allows us to fly anywhere in Ontario at a maximum altitude of 400ft. without waiting for approval for each flight.
We create business promotional videos, wedding videos with ground and aerial cameras, corporate roof and building inspections, real estate photography and videos, promote tourism, and sports coverage.
A unique side of our business is the use of a FLIR thermal, infrared camera to collect images and create reports for Corporate clients, Engineers, Architects, Insurance Companies, and Homeowners. Our Infrared / thermal camera specifically inspects roof / exterior walls / interior walls, general home inspections, construction projects to measure and analyze moisture, leaks, heat loss, faulty wiring, non functioning solar panels, and infrastructure areas of concern.
When iSparks Solutions is not capturing images and creating videos; we are creating websites and promotional videos for our business clients. We also provide marketing, project management and computer training consultations to our clients and educational facilities.
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